Messing around in Wellington Part 1, mostly photos.

One of the nicest things about jumping into the world of para dressage is how many opportunities for learning take place. This time Zoey and I were able to participate in the Para Dressage Symposium lead by Kristi Wysocki in Wellington.

You can read more about it here: Para Dressage Symposium

I had hoped to get reclassified during the CPEDI, but did not get my paperwork together in time. However, Zoey and I still participated in the symposium, which was nice as it was another chance to go somewhere without the pressure of competition.

Amy, who helps me ride at home, has her horse in Wellington and wanted to go to the USDF Trainers’ Symposium. So we headed down together with Zoey in tow a few days early.

Amy and her horse, Rhapsody, getting a lesson.

I was a really bad photographer at the last clinic I attended so I tried to make sure I took some photos. I just bought a new lens and am still getting used to it, so this was good practice!

They cantered a lot.

Amy has her horse down in Wellington for the season and is planning to show at Global in February, I think. Rhap is a giant whose legs are as long as I am tall.

Amy’s friend and client, Aileen, also has her horse in Wellington. Aileen is from Aiken, but is “doing Wellington” this year. Aileen was kind enough to let us crash in her motor home with her cute Jack Russell, Lily.

still can't decide about this photo

Aileen’s horse is named Frack and he is super cute. Amy and Aileen both train with Gabriel Armando, where their horses are in training. Zoey stayed at a barn across the road from here, where she got to be turned out and made a new chestnut boyfriend.

It was fun to see their rides and lessons. It was also nice to arrive a few days early as Miss Zoey can be a little bit excited when she gets to a new place. The barn where she stayed had a great dressage ring I failed to take any photos of.


Not impressed.

The first day, Amy rode Zoey and tamed her down a little bit. Kind of a relief anyways because riding more than a few days in a row really wears me out. Zoey was awesome the second day, when I rode her. Sometimes we struggle with paces and she was very consistent and light. Yay.

Next we wandered over to the Global Dressage Festival….. to be continued.

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