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Pics of You photo from Southern Pines CDE
Bruno and Zoey at the 2014 Southern Pines CDE.

Photo by: Pics of You


Welsh Pony

Photo by: Meghan Benge

Hi there.

If by chance someone who doesn’t know me happens by my little website, here is a little about me. I grew up outside of Houston, Texas with my parents and older sister. Both my parents have dwarfism, so when I came along it was pretty certain I would too. When I was around six, my mom got me involved at the therapeutic riding center in our town. The rest is pretty much history.


Zoey and me summer 2014.

Photo by: Miranda Cadwell


Allie and Zoey. BFFs.

Photo by: Meghan Benge

When I had back surgery around my thirteenth birthday, I switched from riding to driving. I began showing in Combined Driving Events in 1998, with our Welsh Pony, Eric. Everything pretty much snowballed from there. I competed up to Advanced with our breeding stallion, Tylwyth Mystic Prince (Ziggy). In 2008, I competed at and won Individual Gold at the World Championships for Drivers with Disabilities. Afterwards, I switched to a pony pair. I was very lucky to have very experienced ponies, Bert and Ernie. They taught me the ropes. These days my main ponies are Zoey, Bruno and Allie.

Live Oak 2013 Vet Check

Around a year or so ago, I began riding again. I had Zoey started undersaddle initially to help her with her driving. Turns out Zoey is a phenomenal riding pony, and so I started riding her. She takes care of me.

I went to Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in photography and graphic design. Currently, I take photos and work on freelance graphic design and web design projects.

You can view some of my work here: Meghan Benge photography and design