Favorite exercises – Blog Hop

Let me preface this by saying I have no idea how to participate in a blog hop. Are there some sort of guidelines somewhere? If there are, oh well, because I am just jumping in.

Amanda of the $900 Facebook pony asked what are people’s favorite riding exercises. Zoey would definitely vote for walking at half a mile an hour or perhaps stopping to chat. She has a number of stall tactics that include coughing and stopping to pee. Anyways.

I wouldn’t say I have a ton, but one thing has helped my riding and driving quite a bit, and that is “almost walk.” I do this at the trot but I suppose you could do it at any gait. Basically, you get your pony really sitting on its hind end by going from a normal working trot to a few steps of slow trot or “almost walk.” Then back to working trot again. Sounds pretty simple but super helpful.

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I am a photographer/graphic designer in Aiken, SC. I am owned by a herd of ponies. My dogs/best friends are Poppy and Amigo.